iSlideRuleHD Guide    iSlideRule Guide


This guide describes how to change settings and configure iSlideRule for use.  It includes documentation on the variety of scales that are available for use, and how to pick them for use. There are instructions on how to set various color options, as well as configure various behaviors related to how the top and bottom rule, slide, and cursor can interact with one another when moved.  Options for controlling the display of numeric information on the cursor and a configuration for simulating the eye-strain reducing feature of historically yellow slide rules is also provided and documented.

Configuring Scales - how to pick scales and organize them into groups.
Changing Settings - selecting options for how the rules and slide interact with each other, and the cursor, when moved.
Picking Colors - Changing the color of the cursor and optionally having the rules and slide color-hinted.
Using the Application - General use and features of the application.
Definitions of All Provided Scales - Scale-by-Scale information, alphabetically arranged.
Credits - credits for any 3rd party software modules used.

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