Changing Settings

Changing the settings and configuring iSlideRule for your personal use is done via the Settings button    on the slide rule screen, or by opening the application-specific entry in the Settings application on your device.

Simply press the button on the slide rule screen to begin making desired changes to iSlideRule configuration of scales and optional features. Changes made to Settings take effect when you switch back to the application.  Changes may also be made to Settings from within the Settings application on your device.  Press Settings and scroll down to find iSlideRule in your applications list.  Select it and the application configuration, options, and Top, Bottom, and Slider rule scale configurations can be adjusted.

NOTE: You may have to rotate the device for the settings button to become visible if you are using the in-app settings feature.

From the primary settings screen, several features may be customized. These include:

Color Scheme
White Sliderule
Display Values
Lock Slide to Body
Lock Cursor to Body
Use ES Feature
Faber-Castell Coloring
Scrolling Speed
About iSlideRule

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