RPD-95 Mathematics Library

This guide provides instructions for using the RPD-95 Mathematics Library. Before using this guide, you should already be familiar with the scientific calculator functions described in the RPD-95 Keystroke Pro User's Guide.

Table Of Contents

pORGANIZATION of this Help Guide
fChapter 1 - Getting Started
fChapter 2 - Performing Complex Functions
fChapter 3 - Interpolating Points on a Curve
fChapter 4 - Calculating the Gamma Function
fChapter 5 - Integrating a Function
fChapter 6 - Solving Matrices
fChapter 7 - Multiplying Polynomials
fChapter 8 - Finding Roots of a Function
fChapter 9 - Solving DIfferential Equations
fChapter 10 - Number Theory
fChapter 11 - Transforming Coordinates
fChapter 12 - Analytic Geometry
fChapter 13 - Solving Nonlinear Systems
fAppendix A - Registers and Flags Used

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