iSlideRuleChanging Settings and Configuring

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Configuring iSlideRule for your personal use is done via the SETTINGS  button    on the slide rule screen.

Simply press the button on the slide rule screen to make desired changes. Changes made to settings take effect when you switch back to the application.

NOTE: You may have to rotate the device for the settings button to become visible.

From this screen, several options and features may be customized.

Scales may be selected for the top, bottom and slide.  Each rule has three groups that may be selected; a primary, secondary, and tertiary group.  Each group can have up to 4 scales in it.

Touching the 'Top Rule' selection item will tell SETTINGS to display the group selection panel:

Each scale group can be customized as to the location of a specific scale on that rule and group.  Scale #1 is the top of the rule, while Scale #4 is the bottom of the rule.  This allows customization of the rule to present the scales in an order that is comfortable to the user.

Touching one of the scale selectors will present the list of scales that can be selected from:

Select and customize the scales, providing scale selections for each scale and group.  Double-tapping a scale in the iSlideRule application switches to the next group of four scales, expanding iSlideRule from its normal 12 scales to a total of up to 36 scales, in changes of 4 scales at a time.

Other options that can be customized are the color of the cursor and scale labels within the application, whether the slide and rules are color-tinged or white, and whether or not to display a numeric value corresponding to the location of the cursor hairline over the scales.

Selecting color is done from the SETTINGS options:

The Color Scheme selection will bring up the list of colors that can be selected from for the cursor:

The slide rule itself can be either white, or color-tinged, depending on the White Sliderule setting:


The ON/OFF control will cause the slide rule to be white (ON) or color-tinged (OFF).

The Display Values control will enable or disable the display of numeric values on the cursor, representing the value on each scale given the current hairline position.


By setting the Display Values control to OFF, the slide rule operates without displaying values on the cursor.  Turning it ON will cause the app to display values.

The Lock Slide to Rule setting controls whether the top and bottom rule can move independently of the slide, or if they are locked to the slide when moved.
When disabled, the behavior of the rules in relation to the slide matches the older behavior of the app, up to and including release 2.0.0.  When enabled, the slide moves with the rules when the rules are moved, but independently when the slide itself is moved.


The scrolling speed slider controls the speed with which the sliders will auto-scroll when a touch is present on a slider.  The slowest speed (left on the slider) is the default, and matches the scroll speed of previous versions of this application.  Moving the slider to the right increases the speed at which the sliders will auto-scroll.


When complete, exit the Settings app, or press DONE in the upper right corner of the display if using the in-app settings to change the settings.  When done through the settings within the application, pressing DONE in the upper right corner of the display will apply the new settings to the application and the application will resume.

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