iSlideRule is a simple 12 (or 16 in the iPad-only version) viewable scale slide rule application, with the scales configurable via the "Settings" application on the iPhone™ or iPod® Touch devices from Apple, Inc. Currently, it is supported on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and will operate on the iPad.

iSlideRule is available on the iTunes App Store. Go HERE to get it!

iSlideRuleID (for iPad) is also available on the iTunes App Store. Go HERE to get it!

See the new weblog for more information on requirements, updates, and upcoming features of iSlideRule and iSlideRule HD. I appreciate the support and feedback received. If you haven't already, please consider reviewing the application on Apple's App store as well, whether you like the apps, or not. Feedback here, and there, is very much appreciated (both good and bad! I can't improve things if I don't know that they're "broken"! THANKS!!!)

Configurable Rules

Each of the three rules of the slide rule can have up to twelve (or fifteen) unique scales configured for it, in groups of four (or five) scales at a time. Double-tapping the rules switches to the next group of pre-configured scales; without moving the rule or slide. More information about configuring iSlideRule for use is available on the "Configuring iSlideRule" page.

For a complete list of the scales currently supported by iSlideRule, visit the "Scales" page for iSlideRule.

For information on using iSlideRule, visit our "Using iSlideRule" page.

REID-PERFORMANCE PRIVACY POLICY: Neither iSlideRule nor iSlideRuleHD apps collect any user data or information. As we do not collect any user data, we do not have any information that can be shared with anyone, even if requested.

LINKS of Interest for Slide Rule enthusiasts:

These are just a few of the many sites on the web that are dedicated to, or provide useful reference information on slide rules and how they operate.
A number of these sites were used in my research and development of iSliderule as reference materials.

iSlideRule HISTORY:
v1.0.0 - released on 03 October 2008
v1.0.1 - released on 13 October 2008
v1.0.2 - released on 26 October 2008
v1.0.3 - released on 10 November 2008
v1.1.0 - released on 31 July 2010 (available NOW!) - also; I've opted in to the Apple Educational Volume Discount App program where educational institutions can buy volume copies of my app for half price. So; for schools, they can get my app in volume for $0.99 a copy!
v1.1.1 : in work, to be released soon. (skipped this release in favor of moving to version 1.2.0)
v1.2.0 : released on 01 October 2011.
v1.2.1 : released on 05 September 2012.
v1.2.2 : released for review on 22 September 2012.
v2.0.0 : released on February 27, 2015
v3.0.0 : submitted on February 24, 2019 - updates to documentation and API usage in the application.

Feedback, questions, and comments are welcome at "".

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